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Productive conversations with Lean Coffee(tm)

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Lean Coffee is a format for meetings and always generates great dialog for those who participate. It’s really quite simple - there’s no agenda and everyone contributes topics they would like to discuss. We each vote on the topics that sound the most interesting and those with the most votes we bring into a light-weight Kanban board and start talking.

We’ll start off the meeting with a brief overview of what Lean Coffee is and then we’ll jump right into using it so you will experience how Lean Coffee can generate productive conversations for any topic!

All our meetings follow this rough schedule:
6-6:30 Networking (pizza or other food provided)
6:30 Review of upcoming events and quick introductions
6:45 - 8 Topic/Conversation/Q&A

Parking is always free - turn left into the drive just past the USS Cod, go to the left of the booth (there is no gate and you don't have to pay) and grab a parking spot. Walk to the boat. We'll be in the downstairs LeanDog space (door to the left) at the front of the boat.


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