• Dirk Eddelbuettel: r2u - CRAN as Ubuntu Binaries

    Link visible for attendees

    Guest speaker Dirk Eddelbuettel will present at our joint Nov/Dec meetup.

    r2u brings full and complete CRAN installability to Ubuntu LTS, both the ‘focal’ release 20.04 and the recent ‘jammy’ release 22.04. It is unique in resolving all R and CRAN packages with the system package manager. So whenever you install something it is guaranteed to run as its dependencies are resolved and co-installed as needed. Equally important, no shared library will be updated or removed by the system as the possible dependency of the R package is known and declared. No other package management system for R does that as only `apt` on Debian or Ubuntu can — and this project integrates all CRAN packages (plus 200+ BioConductor packages). It will work with any Ubuntu installation on laptop, desktop, server, cloud, container, or in WSL2 (but is limited to Intel/AMD chips, sorry Raspberry Pi or M1 laptop). It covers all of CRAN (or nearly 19k packages), all the BioConductor packages depended-upon (currently over 200), and only excludes less than a handful of CRAN packages that cannot be built.

    Dirk is the maintainer and (co-)author of a number of R packages, including Rcpp and littler.

    Note: this talk will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel.