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Hello All, NEAR 80 MILLION PEOPLE AT RISK FOR SEVER STORMS TODAY. We are also tracking snow in the Upper Midwest. Join us for an in depth convo about what to expect on this Tuesday with Meteorologists Kate Mantych and Andy Stein #Severe #marginal #Slight #Enhanced #Snow #Winter #Spring #WNwx #sdg18 Primarily this meetup will be focused on the the following topics: • Basic introductions for all members (background, experience, skills) • Communicate CCCRdg vision - European Green Capital Award, a CC Learning Centre in Reading • Discuss framework plan, and potentially allocate actions/tasks as agreed • Current issues/news • Members feedback and AOB

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Calling you, all Changemakers. It´s Time to Act! - (

2017 Global Week of Green Business and the #ClimateMovement

If you have a passion for the environment, and would like to try a more pro-active approach to drive innovative change in our local urban and rural environment, we would welcome your interest and collaboration.

Climate change poses a phenomenal challenge to Humanity, yet it is also an incredible opportunity to create a new economy that works for all, and protects the one planet we’ve got. Plenty of people out there are striving to making this vision a reality. We are the Ecopreneurs for the Climate in Reading, part of a global movement tackling climate change via sound, innovative, and cooperative business solutions.
How can you join?

As an individual you can join us, CCCRdg and contribute to a healthy urban and rural community climate mitigation and adaptation development. Register for Reading #Eco4ClimRD - Climate Innovation Lab, on Thursday 19 October. Anyone interested in the event is welcome to attend via registration,

"Ecopreneurs for the Climate - Reading” is the Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement.
A week of activities (eco-innovation workshops and Climate Champion Awards), taking place in cities and communities across the world, aimed at scaling up green business CO2lutions that tackle climate change. After the successful 2016 Edition, in which 18 European cities from 11 different countries took part (Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville); more cities are joining the glocal movement of “Ecopreneurs for the Climate” in 2017 which is still gaining momentum after the historic Paris Agreement and COP22. Innovative business solutions, supported by green economy ecosystems, are needed to mitigate and adapt to the challenges posed by climate change.

The 2017 edition “Eco4ClimRD” will take place on October 19th will comprise of multi-stakeholder eco-innovation workshops and the Climate Champion Awards. **Save the Date 19 Oct** Eco4ClimRD’s coordinators, climate-champion ecopreneurs and glocal partners participate in prestigious international forums the likes of CLIMATE CHANCE WORLD SUMMIT in France, the women Leaders and the Global Transformation Summit, the #COP22 Climate Summit in Morocco, or Climate Chance 2017 in Agadir. Now is the time, participate, add your city or join our ecosystem of partners:

!Green entrepreneurs for the #Climate, the Glocal Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement – October 16-22, 2017 #ECO4CLIM17 Climate organiser for #Eco4ClimRD Please let us know if you like to be trans-boundary involved. We are looking for – Space partner, – Media partners, – Sponsors and – Enablers for Reading Climate Champion Awards 2017 – Email eco4clim @ We warmly welcome you to participate in the Eco4ClimRD Event – Climate, Innovation +Jobs "Glocal Week of Green Business and the #ClimateMovement" Thursday 19th October – Email eco4clim @

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Can I, or my organisation, become a climate organiser?
You surely can. Participation is open to all professionals, private companies, or public organisations that play a substantial role in their communities’ sustainable economy ecosystem, and/or lead the way in business innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

The Learning Network Centre is establishing itself as a catalyst for change to promote sustainable development, and aims to work with local government authorities and other stakeholders to enable Reading participate and enroll the 2019 European Green Capital Award.

We are open for business, Green business. Do you have a climate innovation waiting to be realised and scaled up? Now, the time has come to Reading to Act on climate innovation.

Come take part in a global network of well-interconnected, permanent climate innovation labs,

Our meetings are relaxed and friendly, with a broad range of personalities, of all ages, from the business and public communities. We believe you would gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the key issues affecting our environment, encompassing a wide range of issues from climate change to sustainable food manufacture to open urban spaces "Placemaking". With understanding comes responsibility, and as a result, we are active in promoting compelling ideas into reality, so feel free to join our current campaigns including Reading / UK Car-Free Days and the aftermath of the National Climate March.

We are open to all members of the general public, and welcome new members with an interest in climate change and sustainable development.

We want to tap into the unbound potential of this emerging global ecosystem of climate organisers, ecopreneurs & SMEs, civil society organisations, stakeholders and partners, to move from a global week of action to a dynamic “glocal” community of climate practice, maximising impact in the communities along the way.

As a company/organisation or education establishment or community you can choose to join us as a sponsor, support CCCRdg and contribute to a healthy urban and rural community climate mitigation and adaptation development.

We are out of time and we need to tackle the solutions with difficult #NetZero decisions, population targets, zero meat consumption, degrowth, “ecological economy” buffer for the unpredictable unknown, war aspects, plastic pollution relation/contribution to sea temperatures (oceans asthma), with regional zero carbon economy show case study, energy justice, climate and human rights, anti-austerity, placemaking, consumption targets, Green belts and urban growth boundaries, urban farming, green roofs and walls, time efficiency, Global AirQuality. “NO Climate Change plan without Sustainable Development Goals”~Climate Change Centre Reading (CCCRdg)

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