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Welcome to The Collaborative Economy: Sharing, Making, and Co-Innovating

Hosted by ClimateLink San Francisco

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Through startups like Airbnb and Lyft, rising numbers of consumers are sharing products via social media rather than buying them. Meanwhile, a growing movement of Makers are creating their own products using open source tools, displacing traditional manufacturing. Additionally, companies are increasingly turning to the public to develop, fund, and launch new products and services. The result: the crowd begins to become a company itself, disrupting players large and small in nearly every industry vertical.

Join us as Jeremiah Owyang, Chief Catalyst and Founder of Crowd Companies walks through Altimeter’s latest research to show how your company can not just stay relevant, but lead the charge to adopt the collaborative economy.

In this presentation, you will find out:
- What is causing the growth of the sharing movement
- Which verticals are being impacted the most
- What are the driving forces --and obstacles to sharing
- What is the impact to corporations and how can startups partner with them to provide solutions
- What companies and marketers must do now to overcome this disruption.

We'll also have plenty of time to mingle with fellow Cleanweb folks. Special thanks to Wilson Sonsini for hosting us!

Look forward to seeing you there!

About Jeremiah Owyang

Jeremiah is the Chief Catalyst and Founder of Crowd Companies, which focuses on how large companies tap the collaborative economy, maker movement, and customer collaboration. Prior, he was an industry analyst and Partner of Customer Strategy at Altimeter Group, an industry analyst firm based in Silicon Valley.

He focuses on how disruptive Web technologies—such as social media, the collaborative economy, and interactive marketing—impact the relevance of corporations to customers today and in the future. He is well recognized by both the tech industry and the media for his grounded approach to deriving astute insights through rigorous research. His blog, “Web Strategy” is one of the premier blogs on how corporations connect with their customers using Web technologies. Jeremiah is frequently quoted in top-tier publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and USA Today. Previously, Jeremiah worked at Forrester and at Hitachi, where he launched the company’s first social program. He was featured in the 2009 “Who’s Who” in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, and his Twitter feed was named one of the top feeds by Time in 2011.