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Tucson, AZ Trip - Mt. Lemmon & Vicinity
This is a multi-day trip for experienced lead climbers. Climbers must have prior experience setting and cleaning climbs. You have time to gain experience and training - as needed. Santa Catalina Mountains has moderate temperatures for winter climbing. Most of the rattlesnakes and scorpions should be hibernating, but you will still need to be vigilant. Mountain lions and javelinas do not. The southern face of the mountains has a large population of mountain lions. Attacks are rare, but they can happen. I have communicated with the organizer of the local Tucson climbing meetup and we have a tentative plan to climb with their group on Sunday the 18th. This is not a camping event, but you may camp if you wish. Temperatures off the mountain will be warmer at night. We can share accommodations (Air B&B.) I will arrive Saturday morning, flying into PHX (because it's non-stop), then travelling south. I did not schedule climbing on that day, but it will be possible in the afternoon - depending on when people arrive. I have that entire week off work, but this event is officially only through Tues pm/Wed am- so people can get home before flights become too expensive. I will stay in the region and probably explore the climbing areas East of Phoenix; if anyone wants to join me. You will need to provide your own transportation to Phoenix/Tucson. You will need $ to share costs of lodging and local travel. Depending on how many people sign up, we may need to rent more than 1 vehicle. Roundtrip airfare from PDX to PHX should be $300-$400. And you can get non-stop fights!! From PDX to TUS is about $500-$700 roundtrip. Phoenix is 2 hours away from Tucson. Shuttle is about $40. Or, if we all arrive around the same time, then we carpool. The plan at this time, is the vehicle in Phoenix. This is a great general article about the area Shared costs for the Air b-n-b will be up to $50/day per person. It depends on the number of people who stay, etc. At this time there are some very decent homes available near the Catalina Foothills. Required Gear: Helmet Harness Shoes Belay Device PAS Anchors Quickdraws BOOTS! The number of ropes we need will be determined later. Optional: Trad Gear

Santa Catalina Mountains

5700 N Sabino Canyon Road · Tucson, az