What we're about

Don't let who you are, prevent you from becoming who you want to be. Unless you do the right things, the right things will not happen to you.

Join this group, or at least attend a couple meetups, if your done defending who you are, and your ready to fight for who you want to be and for how you want to feel.

Educational and support group for clinical depression, anxiety, grieving, and emotional well-being. Fellow clinicians and healthcare professionals should definitely come to share your wisdom and insight.

Not another support group, is not a group were people get together to share sadness affirming some depressed identity. Won't find that here if thats what your looking for :)

Intentions are to "actually" help you. Supportive counseling with congruent coping skills to reality, evidence based therapies, and models for mental health.

PLEASE don't worry if you can't make every Meetup. Generally 1-2 meetings every month. Feel free to drag a friend along or anybody who you think might benefit from a support group. Looking forward to meeting you. Namaste!

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