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This group is for anyone who is interested in solving, improving and preventing health issues by using food as medicine. Some of the topics I would like for us to discuss and learn more about are organic plant based diets and fermented foods, such as kombucha, kifir, sauerkraut and kimchi. Among many things, I would like to talk about gut health, gluten sensitivity and intolerance, the importance of minerals in our diet, heavy metal detox, chelation and how to safely wean oneself off medications.

If you are like me and wish to regain and maintain your health naturally, have more energy, look and feel better, or If you would like to learn more or share your knowledge with others, then please join this group!

I am not a nutritionist or health expert by any means nor am I looking to promote a business or make monetary gains. I am just someone who has learned to correct my own health issues through lots of research, listening to others and making necessary changes in my diet and life. It is very upsetting to me to see so many people around me suffering unnecessarily from a variety of illnesses and health disorders, simply because they are misinformed and misguided. I would like to gather a group of like-minded people who are willing to share information, learn from one another and ultimately help as many of our loved ones and people around us as we can.

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Home Remedies

Henry Carter Hull Library 1st floor Small Conference Room

Living in a Toxic World

Henry Carter Hull Library, 1st Floor Conf Rm

Meet and Greet

Henry Carter Hull Library, 1st Floor Conf Rm

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