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Tinicum Pk-Giving Pond-Ringing Rocks via Delaware CanalTowpath HIKE

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MEET AT: Tinicum Park

SHUTTLE TO: Tinicum Park, River Road Erwinna, PA 18920

BRING etc: Comfortable shoes, Lunch, lots of water and of course HAMMER! :)

LUNCH: at Ringing Rocks

Do you like moderate pace non-elevation hikes? I'm thinking of doing Tinicum Pk-Giving Pond-Delaware Canal Towpath-Ringing Rocks ALL-IN-ONE HIKE (probably 7+ miles). This hike will cover the historic Tinicum Barn, the Giving Pond w/ it's multiple mini-islands w/in the water reservoir, canals of Upper Black Eddy, Milford, Frenchtown, Erwina & picturesques farmhouses next to it and the infamous highly mineralized Ringing Rocks of Upper Black Eddy.

Ringing Rocks according to our fellow hiker Michael (geologist):

I like getting a decent cardio workout at the same time a hike, so a fast paced in a non-elevation hike would do the trick if I put some weight in my back pack. We can bring our hammers and play a tune at ringing rocks. They are weathered diabase boulders that are so homogenous and competent (unbroken) that they resonate with harmonic purity when hit with something solid.....dinggggggggggg.

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