Perfect Harmony Ride in the country


Next Saturday is shaping up to look like a heat wave! So how about we add a few more miles in & go for a real pretty ride out in the country to the lovely town of Harmony? When we get to Harmony we'll stop at their general store/laundromat for a break before heading up north towards Turkey Foot. Then the awesomely rewarding Sheffield Road will take us back to Mocksville. This route is extremely rural with very low traffic & very pretty scenery. Yvonne & Dave shared it with me & it's been a favorite ever since. Our meetup location will be at the Davie Family YMCA in Mocksville. A little bit of a drive for some of you but well worth it.

This route is 42 miles. My group will likely be in the 15-16 mph range & will wait up at all turns. Faster riders should bring your own cue sheet if you want to forge ahead.
Some riders are wanting to do a shorter down & back. Here's their cue sheet. They will turn around before we turn on Old Mocksville Road.

Here's our cue sheet:
Here's the route on Garmin:


Lunch at Restaurant 101 afterwards, for the hungry!