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GraphQL Extravaganza!
In April we will focus on GraphQL, Facebook's emerging standard for rich, client-driven APIs which is gaining traction in many Clojure/script applications. Dom Kiva-Meyer: GraphQL: Making JavaScript Simpler Than ClojureScript Dom will reprise his excellent clojureD talk on GraphQL! Abstract: We’ll explore GraphQL, including its quirks and imperfections, and learn how, despite its copious flaws, it makes building user interfaces far simpler than REST (even with re-frame). GraphQL puts data, and operations on that data, first and foremost, and, like React, is a perfect fit for ClojureScript. If you’re building user interfaces with ClojureScript and React but not GraphQL, you’re doing it the hard way. And, we will feature two brand new open-source projects form the Workrame team. Jorge Colindres: Unveiling Artemis, the flexible, smart Clojurescript client library for GraphQL. Tim Gilbert: Introducing Catchpocket and Stillsuit, automated creation of GraphQL API's from your Datomic database.

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