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Betsy’s Closet tries to reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion.

This group aims to share useful sustainable living tips, spread the eco-friendly message, provoke thoughts, connect likeminded people, have a giggle, be a platform for behavioural change, promote positive body image, and last but not least appreciate fashion as a creative way of expressing our unique personalities.

why shop, when you can swap

why buy, when you can try

(something different from your ordinary without the guilt of an impulsive purchase)

why spend, when you can mend

(button, zippers....)

Who is Betsy?

Betsy is the mind behind

Mornig Gloryville Festival Swap

Shoreditch Platform Series

Fashion Revolution @Donna Fugassa

Swap on the Green Sundays

Royal Wedding Edition

Children 0-5 Swap Club in Dalston

Exchange Circle First Event

...and many more...

We also organise private parties and school workshops

for info contact Iren 07462160073

Betsy’s Closet Manifesto:


Do I really need it? Our choices as conscious consumers make a statement: we want to slow down fast fashion and prevent textiles from ending up in landfill.

We try to live sustainably and to reduce our carbon footprint by sharing the clothes we already have collectively. Swapping clothes is just one way to help put an end to a wasteful fashion.

Second Hand First

Rather than falling into the trap of immediately buy something new, first let's try to use what we share as a community of like-minded people. The big corporations will have to notice the trend and will stop squeezing natural resources out of the planet and money out of our wallets. Let’s consume less, let’s produce less, let’s spend more time enjoying music and nature!

One size does Not fit all

Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes. We promote confidence and positive body image. Come to our clothes swap events with a friend or on your own; you will find plenty of friendly faces. Try on something unusual and experiment with your look. I bet you will be showered with compliments by fellow swappers!

The fast fashion industry wants us to look like cloned mannequins in shop windows: one size fits all. But we are all different! Our clothes send a message; they are a reflection of our personalities and a way to express who we are.

Bring the quality you expect to find

Research shows that women’s clothing is only worn seven times before it’s removed from their wardrobe Too big? Too small? Too far from your current mood? Not quite your style anymore? ...BUT still in good shape and totally wearable? -> take it to the swap! If something is no longer right for you but it is still in good condition, set it free to a loving new home and make room for new gems that matches your unique style. Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure (but not quite literally), bring your unwanted pieces to trade and exchange for other gently worn items.

Save £££

Does the phrase “I got nothing to wear” sound too familiar? Create a wardrobe where the individual pieces create different outfits you can combine for any occasions.

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