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Grow your business with smart email and SMS marketing using Vision6

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Presenter: Kelly Newbery Content Marketing Manager Vision6

As the Content Marketing Manager I take ownership of formulating and implementing our content marketing strategy. I am responsible for building and maintaining Vision6's brand as a thought leader in email marketing by crafting engaging content to educate and inform our customers and regularly presenting at conferences and expert panels.

I lead the development, distribution and promotion of content including webinars, video, blogs, case studies and e-guides.


Overview of presentation – Learn how to use email marketing to grow your business by boosting sales and getting more customers. Plus find out how Vision6 integrates with Xero to make contact management and debt collection a breeze.

The session will cover:

- Why you should use email marketing

- How to get awesome results from your email marketing

- How Vision6 integrates with Xero

- A walk through demonstration of the integration with Xero

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Who would benefit from attending?

· Xero Heroes

· Accountants

· Bookkeepers

· eCommerce consultants and web designers

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