• Cloud City Meetup [RESCHEDULED]: Margaret O’Mara, author of The Code

    Cloud City Meetup: Margaret O’Mara, author of The Code: Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America [This special Cloud City Meetup is a reschedule of our earlier planned event with Margaret. We're joining the official Seattle book reading and celebration. To register, go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/noble-presents-the-code-with-author-margaret-omara-tickets-74224683025 ] Join the author of The Code: Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America for a behind-the-scenes look at the rise of Big Tech in America. It is a story of mavericks and visionaries, but also of powerful institutions, from the Pentagon to universities. Margaret will draw from her definitive history of how “the Valley and its sister technopolis of Seattle” became central to the American economy. She will look at the close ties – of people., tech, companies, and money – between Seattle and Silicon Valley, how they evolved together, but also what’s different about Seattle. And how looking back at history helps inform some of today’s biggest questions: the future of innovation, regulation and the role of government, the impact of the cloud, and if we are living in a bubble, what a reset might bring? To register, click here, go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/noble-presents-the-code-with-author-margaret-omara-tickets-74224683025 Registering here on Meetup will not save you a space for this particular event. About our speaker: Margaret O’Mara is the Howard & Frances Keller Professor of History at the University of Washington. She writes and teaches about the history of U.S. politics, the growth of the high-tech economy, and the connections between the two.

  • Cloud City Meetup: Chaos in the Enterprise

    Chef Software Inc.

    Join the former head of the Netflix Chaos and Traffic teams and the Chief Security Architect from UnitedHealth as they walk us through bringing chaos engineering to enterprises large and small. About our speakers: Casey Rosenthal quite literally wrote the book on chaos engineering (https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/chaos-engineering/9781491988459/). Casey was the engineering manager for the Chaos and Traffic teams at Netflix, which as of late 2018 represented 15% of global internet traffic. He is now CEO of Verica, which he founded with Aaron. Aaron Rinehart was the Chief Security Architect for UnitedHealth Group (UHG), a Fortune 6 company. While at UHG Aaron released ChaoSlingr, one of the first open source software releases focused on using Chaos Engineering in cybersecurity to build more resilient systems. Aaron has been expanding the possibilities of Chaos Engineering in its application to other safety-critical portions of the IT domain, notably cybersecurity. He is CTO of Verica, which he founded with Casey.

  • Cloud City Tech Meetup: Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream

    Chef Software Inc.

    Bitcoin Satellite Network You can’t be in technology today without a space program! Join CEO of Blockstream and inventor of hashcash Adam Back as he talks about using Bitcoin without the Internet. The Blockstream Satellite network broadcasts the Bitcoin blockchain around the world 24/7 for free, protecting against network interruptions and providing anyone in the world with the opportunity to use Bitcoin. About our speaker: Dr. Adam Back is co-founder and CEO of Blockstream and the inventor of hashcash, the proof-of-work algorithm used in Bitcoin mining. Adam has an extensive career in cryptography, privacy, and security, primarily focused on distributed systems including the Internet and Bitcoin. Adam has held technical leadership roles at technology companies such as EMC, Microsoft, Nokia, VMWare, and he holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Exeter.

  • Cloud City Meetup: Armon Dadgar, Co-founder & CTO of HashiCorp

    Using Consul Connect to Secure Service-to-Service Communication Join HashiCorp co-founder and CTO Armon Dadgar as he presents on Consul Connect! Modern application architectures are embracing public clouds, microservices, and container schedulers like Kubernetes and Nomad. These bring complex service-to-service communication patterns, increased scale, dynamic IP addresses, ephemeral infrastructure, and higher failure rates. These changes require a new approach for service discovery, configuration, and segmentation. Service discovery enables services to find and communicate with each other. Service configuration allows us to dynamically configure applications at runtime. Service segmentations lets us secure our microservices architectures by limiting access. In this talk, we cover these challenges and how to solve them with Consul providing as a service mesh. About our speaker: Armon (@armon) is a founder and co-CTO of HashiCorp, where he brings his passion for distributed systems to the world of DevOps tooling and cloud infrastructure. He has been named to Forbes and Inc.’s 30 under 30 lists for transforming enterprise tech. At HashiCorp, he has worked on Nomad, Vault, Terraform, Consul, and Serf and maintains the Statsite and Bloomd OSS projects. Prior to HashiCorp, he held technical roles at Amazon and a mobile ad company. He received his B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Washington, where he met HashiCorp’s co-founder Mitchell Hashimoto. About our organizers: Charles (@charlesfitz) and Chris (@chriskactual) are technology investors with a passion for the Seattle community.