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Cloud Native Aalborg is a meetup having focus on Cloud Native technologies. Cloud Native technologies are graduated and incubating projects, such as: Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, fluentd and e.g. OpenTracing, Jaeger, etc. to mention a few.
Technologies and practices around the platform of platforms will also be on the agenda for the meetup group.
We are a small group of people passionate about these technologies working together with the Cloud Native Nordics team in an effort to share experiences, and provide a platform for like-minded people to present and discuss these awesome technologies.

Cloud Native Aalborg will apply for being an official Cloud Native Computing Foundation meetup group, and part of the Cloud Native Nordics community as well.

You can join the Cloud Native Nordics Slack Community for further discussions: https://www.cloudnativenordics.com and to share your thoughts and ideas with other people sharing the passion for this.

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#4 Istio in production, Prometheus 101 and Gitops

Centrica Energy Trading A/S

We are proud to announce the fourth Cloud Native Computing Foundation Meetup in Aalborg for cloud natives. We are looking forward to two very interesting talks with Hans Duedal, Rasmus Steiniche and Kasper Nissen. Note: If you arrive by car: - Please make sure you park in places marked with "Centrica" or "Gæst". Agenda: ---------------[masked] Doors Open [masked] Welcome from the host Centrica Energy Trading - by Kenneth Fossum [masked] Welcome from the organizers [masked] Istio In Production - by Hans Duedal, Unity War-stories from an eventually successful Istio production rollout, for machine learning workloads in the cloud. We'll start by examining managed Istio, in particular GKEs "built-in" Istio, then deep dive on the traditional helm-deployed Istio. We'll see how added istio features like Kiali provides visibility into the smart plumbing of your services, and how we can use it, and other tools, to debug when things doesn't work (like you expected). We'll conclude with reflecting on how to best add a service mesh to your stack. [masked] Food and Networking [masked] Prometheus 101 - How to get started" - by Rasmus Steiniche, CEO at neurospace Prometheus is one of the most awesome monitoring tool and is becoming the standard in the cloud native space. This talk will teach you basic concepts of prometheus and show you how to get started. It will be possible to follow along on your laptop: https://github.com/steiniche/prometheus [masked] GitOps - Operations by Pull Request - by Kasper Nissen, Site Reliability Engineer at Lunar The term "GitOps" term was originally coined by Weaveworks as a way to do operations by pull requests, and apply many of the same ideas behind reconciliation in kubernetes clusters to applications and clusters. This way of operating clusters enforces declarative infrastructure and serves as a source of truth for your systems. Always having the source of truth in git provides many advantages, two of them being always having the latest state to recover from in case of a cluster disaster, and secondly, complete audibility of what is going on in the cluster. But, how do I get started? In this presentation Kasper will cover GitOps as a term, and share his experiences implementing GitOps at Lunar as well as GitOps for Cloud Native Nordics. 20.00 Goodbye Speaker Bio: - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hans Duedal: Hans recently joined Unity after working both as CTO and a SRE for Visma. He loves making stuff scale and be fast. He also has a passion for computer games and networking, and on his spare time builds huge networks for DKs largest gaming event; NPF. Rasmus Steiniche: Rasmus Steiniche is the CEO of neurospace and has done everything from writing java applications to running SaaS applications before it was cool. Today he focuses on helping companies utilizing their data to become better at what they do. Kasper NIssen: Kasper is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Ambassador and organizes meetups in Denmark. He works as a Site Reliability Engineer at Lunar, previously worked as a DevOps & Infrastructure Consultant at LEGO. Kasper wrote his master thesis, "KubeCloud - A Small Scale Cloud Computing Environment", on how Universities could leverage small-scale cloud environments built out of Raspberry Pis running Kubernetes

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