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Cloud Native Aarhus is a meetup group focusing on the Cloud Native stack. This means that projects such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing, gRPC, fluentd will be the focal point. We are a small group of people passionate about these technologies that would like to share our experiences, and provide a platform for like-minded people to present and discuss these awesome technologies.

Cloud Native Aarhus is an official Cloud Native Computing Foundation meetup group, and part of the Cloud Native Nordics community as well.

Please join the Cloud Native Nordics Slack Community for further discussions: https://www.cloudnativenordics.com

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Happy Holidays Edition with GitOps and Exploiting the winds of change

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and we want to take this opportunity to thank you all for a great Cloud Native year in Aarhus! We have arranged "Æbleskiver" (sorry, I really don't know the English translation), and other Christmas goodies to get you all in the right spirit for Christmas. PROGRAM 16:30: Doors open, find a seat, and network 17:00: Welcome to Cloud Native Aarhus 17:05: Welcome from our sponsors, ORBIT Lab and IT Minds 17:15: "Exploiting the winds of change with Cloud Native @MHI Vestas", Anders Keis, Cloud Infrastructure Architect MHI Vestas and Thor Lange, Infrastructure Solution Architect MHI Vestas 18:00: "Æbleskiver", "Småkager", and Christmas beers and soda 18:30: "GitOps – Operations by Pull Request", Kasper Nissen, Site Reliability Engineer at LUNAR 19:15: Christmas fun and last discussions of the year 20:00: Thank you and good night ------------------------------------------------ TALK #1 Title: "Exploiting the winds of change with Cloud Native @MHI Vestas" Speakers: Anders Keis, Cloud Infrastructure Architect MHI Vestas and Thor Lange, Infrastructure Solution Architect MHI Vestas Description: The Windmill industry companies face the challenge of differentiating themselves. Going forward, their customers and price is only one differentiator . Focusing on delivering an increased portfolio of services and specific and targeted knowledge to customers makes a difference and that requires collections of data from the wide variety of systems in a windmill/turbine. These systems produce millions of datapoints each day and these are handled by Cloud Native products and Azure. The Cloud Infrastructure Architect Anders Keis and Cloud and Infrastructure Solution Architect Thor Lange – both from MHI Vestas Offshore Wind – will share their solution and experiences. ------------------------------------------------ TALK #2 Title: "GitOps - Operations by Pull Request" Speaker: Kasper Nissen, Site Reliability Engineer at LUNAR Description: The term "GitOps" term was originally coined by Weaveworks as a way to do operations by pull requests, and apply many of the same ideas behind reconciliation in kubernetes clusters to applications and clusters. This way of operating clusters enforces declarative infrastructure and serves as a source of truth for your systems. Always having the source of truth in Git provides many advantages, two of them are to always have the latest state to recover from in case of a cluster disaster, and secondly, complete audibility of what is going on in the cluster. But, how do I get started? In this presentation Kasper will cover GitOps as a term, and share his experiences implementing GitOps at Lunar as well as GitOps for Cloud Native Nordics. About Kasper Nissen: Kasper is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Ambassador and organizes meetups in Denmark. He works as a Site Reliability Engineer at Lunar, previously worked as a DevOps & Infrastructure Consultant at LEGO. Kasper wrote his master thesis, "KubeCloud - A Small Scale Cloud Computing Environment", on how Universities could leverage small-scale cloud environments built out of Raspberry Pis running Kubernetes.

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