Be productive, be happy - build your apps the cloud native way with OpenShift!


Tired of shaving the yak? Think of all the extraneous tasks that you have to do before you can start building software that eat away at your productivity - all this misplaced effort puts release timelines and project budgets at risk. And makes your life as a developer a pain in the ****. So how do you reduce the frustrations and complexity of building cloud native applications? With the latest release of OpenShift, we have put the developer experience front and center to ensure that you have all the capabilties needed so that you can focus on what you enjoy doing - writing and deploying code.

Come and listen to our experts on why developer productivity should be a top priority for all companies as we break down the "Five Ideals" identified in Gene Kim's latest book, The Unicorn Project [1] . We will also demonstrate how OpenShift enables developers to be more productive, improves collaboration across all teams and brings 'focus, flow and joy' to deploying cloud native apps. And also find out what is meant by 'shaving the yak'.

Agenda :
6.30PM to 7.00PM - Registration and pizza/drinks. The earlier you arrive, the hotter the pizza and colder the drinks
7.00pm to 7.30PM - What is developer productivity and what it means for you - a look at the First and Second Ideals from The Unicorn Project.
7.30PM to 8.30PM - CodeReady Workspaces introduction, product direction and demo
8.30PM to 9.00PM - Fun quizes & great prizes (or is it great quizes and fun prizes?)

Speakers :
Paul Whiten, DevOps Disruptor💪 (
Hendra , OpenShift APAC Product Manager (