Cloud Native Lithuania meetup: Kubernetes&Prometheus March


Let's meet for our fourth Cloud-Native meetup in Lithuania! Adform will be hosting and [Looking for Sponors] will be sponsoring drinks and snacks on the 25th of March, 19:00.

This event will be conducted in English.

🗓 Schedule

19:00 Doors Open & Mingle
19:10 Welcome Speech

19:15 📣 Gianluca Arbezzano - Extending Kubernetes

When somebody asks me why Kubernetes got so much traction the answer is always the same: “its extendibility”. You can run it everywhere, almost all cloud providers or bare metal providers can deliver a managed or integrated distribution of Kubernetes. This is because it acts as a pluggable API gateway to manage your infrastructure across providers. As a developer or infrastructure operator having the ability to write the best integration your company or team needs is a huge plus. During this talk, Gianluca will show you the different integration points you can use to extend Kubernetes such as shared informers, controller, kubectl plugin. Concepts are generically applicable to Kubernetes, code will mainly be in Go.

20:00 📣 Giedrius Statkevičius - Prometheus and how Thanos handles terabytes of metrics' data

It is common knowledge that metrics together with alerts are a crucial part of any deployment in production. During this talk we will quickly go over what is Prometheus which is a CNCF graduated project and how it is used to retrieve and store metrics. Moreover, after some point in time, a single node Prometheus becomes too big and we want to scale it out. This is where the CNCF cousin project Thanos comes in. We will look into how Thanos works and lets users get a HA setup of Prometheus, unlimited retention, and a 'single pane of glass'. Some prior knowledge of Prometheus will be assumed.

20:40 Drinks, snacks, and chat

💬 About speakers
Gianluca Arbezzano is an SRE at InfluxData and CNCF Ambassador.

Giedrius Statkevičius is a Senior IT Systems Engineer at Adform and Thanos maintainer.