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A user group in Manila, Philippines for architects, system operators, and DevOps engineers using Apache Mesos, DC/OS, Kubernetes, Kafka, Spark, Cassandra, and other prevailing open-source and cloud-native technologies.

Let's design and build a multi-cloud and infrastructure-agnostic container and application infrastructure for your application!

The rise of cloud computing gave companies and organizations, from the smallest startups to the biggest enterprises, the ability to innovate, adapt, and deliver value at an unprecedented scale. Cloud services, particularly IaaS, have been commoditized and cloud providers are starting to innovate and differentiate. For certain organizations, a multi-cloud and infrastructure-agnostic approach that enables centralizing management of cloud, on-premises, and edge infrastructure are critical to accelerate and deliver value to this fast-paced digital economy.

Cloud Native Manila User Group is established for the cloud professionals who are working on simplifying infrastructure management using Apache Mesos, DC/OS, Kubernetes, and other cloud-native technologies.

Whether you are coming from an AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, or On-Premises background, you are welcome to explore, learn, and empower!

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