What we're about

Anyone interested in kubernetes, openshift, and how security solutions in cloud native environments can provide constant monitoring and threat detection will learn a lot at this meetup.

We'll be going over various aspects of
- Basic IT security (i.e. Istio, in-pod proxying,...).
- Scanning of vulnerabilities at data-center scale.
- Reconciling developer needs with IT requirements (i.e. external loadbalancers, dynamic IP addresses, when to use port-forwarding idiomatically)
- Tutorials around using community tools (Blackduck, Aqua, TwistLock, ...) in your production data center.
- Contrasting the default security scenario's for different cloud native environments (i.e. openshift, GKE, AKS, Rancher).
- Securing and evaluating permissions and security of storage volumes in cloud native environments (i.e. When do you need root to access a volume, how user namespaces can help, Gluster vs. NFS vs. Minio,...).

As core Kubernetes and Openshift contributors, our goal is to grow the ecosystem around security by facilitating a broad range of collaboration with kubernetes engineers, the Ops community, and app developers alike: so if you have a great talk proposal, feel free to submit one.

Please note that this is a community meetup, like all other organizations on meetup.com, and not associated with any particular company.

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