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Getting an Open Source Framework on OpenStack is Now Easier than on Amazon & GAE

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The number of open source frameworks is continuously growing at an enormous pace, with over a million unique open source projects available today. However, it’s often times a tedious undertaking exploring, and integrating these new open source projects. This becomes especially complex when looking to do so with OpenStack.

In this session Gigaspaces' CTO Nati Shalom will present how we can apply the same principles from the open source world, such as versioning and collaboration, as well as the experience from sharing media content from sites like YouTube to build a generic service for deploying and sharing open source projects on HP OpenStack Cloud. Read more on simplified OpenStack and cloud orchestration:

Nati Shalom, Founder and CTO at GigaSpaces, is a thought leader in Cloud Computing and Big-Data Technologies. Shalom was recently recognized as a Top Cloud Computing Blogger for CIO’s by The CIO Magazine and his blog listed as an excellent blog by YCombinator. Shalom is the founder and also one of leaders of OpenStack-Israel group, and is a frequent presenter at industry conferences.

This session will be hosted online via Google+ Hangout and IRC Chat (#OpenStack-Community @Freenode):