Technical Cloud Foundations For Serverless 2/2

Every 1st Thursday of the month until August 1, 2020

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Technical Cloud Foundations and Hands-on Lab Exercises
[Women-learners Only]

[Please Bring Your Laptop to Both Sessions]

[Beginner level, instructors and tutors are here to assist]

Do you like Unicorn? Want to build a serverless app to help users request unicorn rides? Come to join us for the wild ride!


Serverless is the native architecture of the cloud that is adopted by modern applications. We see the trend for mainstream adoption because it enables business agility and rapid innovation for organisations.


By the end of 2 consecutive sessions, members will be able to:

• understand what AWS account is and create AWS accounts and local environments

• understand what serverless is, principles and patterns in AWS

• hands-on build a serverless web application in groups with AWS Lambda, API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB and Cognito.

• understand the basic security for serverless

Before the sessions:

Please watch 2 short Youtube videos about Cloud Computing and Serverless 101 and Serverless Hello World.


1st evening

• Cloud computing 101

• Learn what AWS account is and how to set up your AWS account

• Learn how to set up local environments, CLI and a text editor

• Preview the app building project in the 2nd evening for users to request unicorn rides How wild! :)

2nd evening

• Serverless patterns

• Walk through the steps for building the serverless web application for unicorn rides

• Understand AWS Lambda, API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB and Cognito used for the app

• Build, build, build!!!

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