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CloudAustin April Meeting - IBM Double Shot, Kubernetes and Cloud Native Apps

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Every 3rd Tuesday of the month

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IBM will be sponsoring and providing a couple speakers. Also, after the talks, we are looking for people who are interested in becoming CloudAustin organizers as some of the old guard are looking to hand over the reins. Come and discuss at the meeting!

And now, the talks...

Presentation One:

Title: A practical demonstration for Kubernetes using a StockTrader application

StockTrader is a Java Platform, Enterprise Edition(Java EE) application that simulates an online stock trading system. The application enables the users to log in, view their portfolio, look up stock quotes, buy or sale shares. It is built primary with Java servlets, JavaServer Page(JSP), and JavaBeans. To showcase the existing applications to modernize them with JAX-RS invocation and microservices programming model, StockTrader sample program is created by developing with the emerging cloud programming technologies of JAX-RS, microservices, and microprofile. The Single Sign On(SSO) security is implemented with JWT token, OIDC, and LDAP user registry in the Docker containers of the Kubernetes cloud platform. In this session we'll provide a demonstration of a StockTrader application that runs as Docker containers on Kubernetes and walk through the major components of this. We'll explore the security aspects, specifically the use of OpenID Connect in detail.

James Mulvey:
Jim is a senior technical staff member (STSM) on the IBM WebSphere Application Server development team. He is the lead architect overseeing the security components in WAS and the application server's support for IBM Z. Prior to working in WebSphere organization, he spent ten years as a developer and architect in IBM z/OS development.

Chunlong Liang:
Chunlong is a senior software engineer on the IBM WebSphere Application Server development team. He is the architect and lead developer for web service security, and web single-sign-on technologies including JWT, SAML, OAuth, OpenID, and OpenID Connect. Prior to working in WebSphere security, he was an actuarial analyst and programmer.

Presentation Two: Title: Cloud Native Apps Made Easy Description:
Building modern cloud native applications for production scale and getting it right takes more than a good runtime. Knowledge of a broad range of technologies and the use of best practices in addition to good language and coding skills are required to ensure that an application can be easily deployed, scaled and monitored in production. As developers though, most often we just want to be able to focus on our application code, not how to integrate with the infrastructure around it (cloud, containers, Kubernetes etc.). Come learn about new open source tools that allow you to focus on developing code, without having to worry about the deployment details. Need easy deployment to Kubernetes, Cloud foundry or on premise? Learn how to get started.

Chris Vignola

Chris is a senior technical staff member (STSM) on the IBM WebSphere Application Server development team. He is the lead architect responsible for WebSphere integration with cloud technologies. His recent work has been on Node.js and Python developer experience and the Java Batch Standard (JSR 352). Additionally he has spent many years working on WebSphere systems management, and before that a decade on the z/OS operating system.

IBM will be sponsoring the food and drink!