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Crypto Round Two


Join us for round two of our Meetup crypto discussions!

CloudFlare Meetups aim to set your mind on fire. In our cryptology series, we’ve invited experts from academia and industry to talk about cryptographic algorithms, or protocols they are working on. This is the place to geek out on crypto!

These talks are intended to bring the main concepts and advantages of new crypto to an audience familiar with more mainstream cryptographic primitives. It aims to be informative and thought provoking, and practical examples are encouraged.

We’ll start the evening at 6:00p.m. with time for networking, followed up with short talks by leading experts.

Pizza and beer are provided!


Speaker 1: Steve Weis

Steve is the CTO and co-founder of PrivateCore, and is an expert in information security and cryptography. Steve was previously a technical director at AppDirect, and a senior engineer at Google, where he created the KeyCzar cryptographic library and Google's two-step verification. Steve has a PhD from MIT with a focus on cryptography, authentication, and privacy-enhancing technology.

Topic: Crypto Projects That Might Not Suck

This talk will survey a wide range of cryptography-related projects that might not suck. We'll cover the good and bad parts of libraries, end-user applications, and research projects culled from publicly submitted nominations. To submit your own nominations before the talk, please visit this link: .

Speaker 2: Adam Langley

Adam spends nearly all his time shoveling coal into the engines of the Good Ship Google, but occasionally manages to fit some cryptography in.

Topic: Hash Based Signatures

Public-key signatures start by hashing a message in order to reduce it to a workable size, but did you know that you don't need the rest of the signature scheme after the hash function? Hash based signatures are the most parsimonious option for signing, are even quantum-resistant and might be the best option in some situations, if better known.

Speaker 3: Jonathan Matson

Jonathan is the Global Trade Compliance Director at Riverbed Technology in San Francisco. Previously, he's worked at Symantec Corp. and law firms in California and Washington, DC.

Topic: U.S. Government Regulations on Open Source Cryptographic Software

This talk will give an overview of U.S. government regulations on the development and distribution of open source cryptographic software, including what qualifies for "open source" exemptions, and the different restrictions on source code vs. object code.

We hope you’ll join us!
665 3rd Street, Suite 200 · San Francisco, CA
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