2nd CF Meetup featuring Bosh and Microservices

This is a past event

49 people went

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7:00 Meet and Network with Pizza and Drinks

7:30 Microservice AntiPatterns by Tammer Saleh (Director of Product, Cloud Foundry) - Description below

8:30 Break

8:45 Deploy the universe using BOSH by Johannes Engelke (Software Engineer, Hybris) - Description below

Microservice AntiPatterns

It seems everyone’s talking about microservices, lately, but few appear to have given any real thought to best practices around building and deploying them. In this talk, we’ll highlight many of the mistakes we’ve seen people make when building a microservices architecture. We’ll discuss:

When microservices are appropriate, and where to draw the lines between services.Dealing with performance issues (data affinity, parallelism, monitoring).Testing and debugging techniques.Managing a polyglot landscape and the explosion of platforms.Managing failure and graceful degradation. Tammer Saleh is a long time developer, leader, and author of the acclaimed book Rails AntiPatterns.

As founder of Thunderbolt Labs, he helped San Francisco companies build agile teams and ship scalable products. As VP Engineering at Engine Yard, Tammer ran the development team and the flagship Cloud product. Previous lives include C/C++ AI programming, as well as UNIX administration for Citysearch.com and Caltech’s Earthquake Detection Network.

Tammer is currently building the Cloud Foundry platform at Pivotal. You can read more about him at http://tammersaleh.com (http://tammersaleh.com/).

Deploy the universe using BOSH

BOSH was originally developed as a deployment tool for Cloud Foundry’s Elastic Runtime, but is also a general purpose configuration solution. BOSH powers Pivotal’s production Cloud Foundry deployment supporting thousands of applications, and a growing number of deployments of Kubernetes, Cassandra, MySQL, RabbitMQ and many other popular services. This presentation will demo the power of BOSH and give you an introduction to BOSH, so that you can get started with BOSH as well.

* Introduction about BOSH * Deploy a service to BOSH

* What is BOSH doing under the hood.