Microsoft Azure IoT Workshop

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This is a paid event $10 per person, please register for the event here:

We are on the 15th floor of the Microsoft Office at Lincoln Center room 15200 ( Overlake). Underground parking is avaiable.

This is a hands on workshop where you will work in a small group to connect a Raspberry Pi 3 up to Azure IoT and move data from device to cloud and back to the device. We'll read a camera, flash lights, push buttons, and learn a lot! If you like hacking on hardware and software, or if you have never done this but want to try, this workshop is for you. We will also spent time using the IoT Hub and discussion gateway scenarios for connecting your device and using Azure IoT.
There will be 15 teams of 3 people each. Bring your computer. You will also need to bring your own Azure subscription. Each person in the team will be able to share the IoT device and use it with their own account.
If you would like help with your own Azure subscription please contact us at our Agitare site listed in the Sponsor section or [masked].
Summary: This workshop will walk you through a few common IoT scenarios like basic user input (a button), output (an LED), a camera, a web service call (Microsoft Cognitive Services Vision API), and finally an IoT ingestion service (Azure IoT Hub). We'll use Node.js as the device language.
When it's all finished and working, with the click of a button you'll be able to take a picture, figure out what objects are in the picture, and then record the result in a cloud service.
By the end of this workshop, you should feel comfortable with...

Installing Raspian
Communicating with the Raspberry Pi (without a monitor)
Understanding the GPIO pins to read a button and flash an LED
Building a basic circuit on a breadboard
Communicating with the camera
Deploying code to the device
Node.js and npm
Azure Cognitive Services and Azure IoT Hub
Capturing and analyzing images from a pi camera using cognitive services
Sending data to and monitoring Azure IoT hub
Working with terminals using SCP and SSH
Managing your keys locally and on device


HW and Platform: Laptops and Azure Subscription required
Software: we will be using Node.js as the programming language. If you have node/npm preinstalled that would be helpful. An IDE. I'll be using VS Code.
The repo we followed is at

Speaker: Jeremy Foster Microsoft Developer Evangelist
Bio: I studied Computer Engineering and Mathematics in school a long time ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed my career course ever since - primarily teaching and software development and primarily on the web stack. I gained experience in education, aerospace manufacturing, and insurance, and eventually joined Microsoft with the goal of informing and inspiring software developers. I authored my first book CSS for Windows 8 App Development, published a couple of courses on, and try to keep up with audiences via my blog and my Twitter feed @codefoster. When I’m not working, I’m working on maker projects, spending time with my wife and two sons, hiking and camping, sailing, scuba diving, or working on house projects.

Food and drink will be provided

A raffle item will available