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Serverless in Alibaba Cloud

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Toddy M. and Jim P.


Alibaba Cloud is the cloud operating system that manages a planet-scale distributed infrastructure after a decade of development from scratch. It is the biggest cloud provider in China and has data centers in all but one continent in the world.

Statistics show that in recent years, more than 70% of new services or features launched by cloud service providers are serverless. With the increasing types of serverless services on the cloud, users can quickly build elastic and high-availability cloud native applications using multiple services.

In this talk, we will give a general overview of what is Alibaba Cloud and what it does. We will also take you to a deep dive into its serverless platform to show you how does it bring huge values to our users in terms of engineering efficiency, reliability, performance, cost, and security, opening a door to a beautiful new world for developers.

Come to learn about hard problems that Alibaba cloud is solving for our customers, see a cool demo and try it out for free.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Zhang is a large scale distirbuted computing expert with over 15 years experience in both research and engineering. He got his Ph.D from Rice univerisity working on scheduling heterogenous workflows in Grid Computing. He was a founding member of the Azure batch compute service and he is currently a Staff Engineer/Manager working on the serverless compute in Alibaba cloud.

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