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What is ELK and how can it help you discover, visualize and analyze your data?

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Many companies are using the ELK stack to realize the promise we often hear about our data having value. Steve will give an overview of what ELK is, the company behind it, how it works, how companies are using it today and finally, demonstrate some of its capabilities.

Presenter: Steve Mayzak-Director of Sales Engineering @ ElasticSearch

Bio: Steve came up through the software development ranks having worked with small and large companies building enterprise systems. While mostly leveraging his Java skills, he has branched out into Groovy, PHP, Ruby and other languages as needed. He has gone from Consulting to full-time work over the years and kept his skills sharp by switching it up as he goes. Having had a number of excellent mentors over the years, Steve is now taking what he has learned and building a team of Sales Engineers for Elasticsearch. A company he considers to be at the forefront of what's next for Processing, Searching and Visualizing data large and small.


ElasticSearch sponsors the food and beverages

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