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What we're about

Sourcing Up Cloud Computing and Open Source Technologists across the DMV (DC-MD-VA)

Are you a Cloud Punk (or would you like to be one)? Are you:

• A radical cloud architect?

• A revolutionary coder/programmer?

• A relentless sysadmin?

• A rebel with an open source cause?

If you have an edge to your cloud and open source tech-talk, thought process and real-world problem solving, then you are quite likely a Cloud Punk and should Meetup with Us!!!

First and foremost, the #CloudUpDMV Meetup Group is about our Members (aka "Cloud Punks"). We strive to bring together the "best and the brightest" from a local and international field of experts towards the comprehension, practical application and advancement of cloud computing and open source technologies.

As a TweetUp Meetup (http://tweetup.meetup.com/), #CloudUpDMV works towards comprehensive, brand and vendor-neutral coverage of all things related to cloud and open source across the infamous technology corridors of the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia). This region, funneling in some of the greatest talent and innovation in the US, is a long-standing bastion of technology prowess. We aim to further promote the accolades of the region by highlighting and engaging with the DMV's brightest "thinkers and tinkerers" -

We are Punks for Cloud and Open Source!



Existing exclusively as a TweetUp Meetup (http://tweetup.meetup.com/), #CloudUpDMV serves to deliver an open engagement platform for face-to-face meetup events across the DMV. These meetups are solely intended to foster and promote for our Members:

• Intensified Learning, Skill-building & Knowledge Sharing about Cloud and Open Source Technologies

• Foment development, adaptation and adoption of advancing Cloud and Open Source Technologies

• Centralize applicable, useful information across the DMV on or about Cloud and Open Source Technologies to educate and advance the skill-sets of our Members

• Enhance and promote the market stature and exposure of the DMV technology corridor(s)

• Encourage and promote direct engagement, interaction and participation with other Meetup Groups across the DMV catering to Cloud and Open Source Technologies


• Elite Presentations, Lectures & Webinars

• Hands-On Workshops & Hackathons

• Round-table and Discussion Panels

• A Dedicated Leadership Team of DMV Cloud & Open Source Technology Experts

• Full Immersion and Engagement of All Members as Equals

• Social Activities & Events to Foster Membership Growth, Camaraderie & Relationship Building



• In keeping with the Spirit of Open Source, vendor-neutrality is paramount!

• Be Active Locally, Be Active Socially: the whole point, and all the fun, is in meeting up with us locally, face-to-face and socially, via applicable social media outlets.

• Be kind, be courteous, and be cool!

• Please accurately update and maintain your Meetup RSVPs!

-- Our Meetups will include everyone across the DMV; local events will be scheduled so that they are easily accessible to all of us in this close-proximity area.

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