• Clown at Worcester Gay Pride, Sat Sep. 7, 2019

    We will march in the parade and then do some clowning at the festival in the children's area. You can do both or just one of these activities.

  • Boston Gay Pride parade: clown with us "Clowns for Gay Rights"

    Our Clowns for Gay Rights group has been asked to gather for the Boston Gay Pride parade this Saturday Jun 8th at 2:00pm at 841 Boylston St. in front of a Walgreen's (Copley Squ, Boston). It should be done by 5:00pm at the latest. (fyi the parade begins a 12noon but there are almost 500 groups marching so they are staggering the start times). We will meet up and march in the parade for the first time as Clowns for Gay Rights! I will bring extra face paints, wigs, etc or you can bring your own, and wear something fun and wild. As we wait for the parade to start, we can practice giving out stickers, practice cheers to chant, and practice funny marches and formations for when the parade stands still. Waving at the crowds and giving out stickers in a thoughtful way will be the hallmark of what we do, and of course your new ideas will be welcome!

  • Clowns for Gay Rights volunteer training

    Mosaic Commons Cohousing Common House

    We will practice being clowns for clowning at a parade: giving out stickers, funny marching, different parade formations for marching in parades. We can dress up in my clown costumes (for those who wish) and can try face paint. We will get ourselves ready for Boston Gay Pride parade which will be in June on Sat June 8th at approximately 12 noon.