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AVERAGE SUCKS! Attend the November Club E Phoenix Meetup

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Hi Phoenix Entrepreneurs!

We have scheduled the November Meetup at ASU SkySong for Friday, November 22 at 7:30 am.

Our keynote speaker is Deborah Dubree - international speaker and business coach. She will present " Average SUCKS!"

It Sucks Up Your Money, Your Motivation and Your Intelligence

§ Are you tired of being overlooked and underappreciated?

§ Is making less money than what you know you’re worth starting to really tick-you-off?

§ Would your business and life improve if you could stand out, be excellent and get paid?

It is Impossible to be Average - AND - Highly Successful

Stand Out From Your Competition

Accelerate Your Results – Increase Your Bottom Line

§ Discover the 3 Most Significant Problems That Keep Smart, Talented and Knowledgeable Entrepreneurs Stressed and Struggling

(Ignoring these will kill your chances for achieving significant success)

§ Tame & Train Your B.E.A.S.T.™ The critical difference between those who shrink back and hide out … and those who make bold decision and take ballsy action

(This is a Game Changer)

§ Identify the Top Harmful, Average Behaviors that keep you fitting in and blending in with your competition – You can turn these behaviors into productive, profit producing results!

§ Develop The 7 “C”s of Excellence™ The Secret to Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead of Your Competition (Deborah reveals how her top NFL players get consistent, repeatable and sustainable results)

Average is for Sissies . . . Stand Out, Be Excellent & Get Paid!

Deborah Dubree “The Ultimate Performance Expert”

DEBORAH CAPIVATES AND CHALLENGES her audiences to build their competitive edge, so they achieve consistent results, stand out from their competition and get paid what they’re worth.

When your performance improves, so does your bottom line.

Success from the Locker Room to the Boardroom: Deborah’s ‘No BS’ approach and hard-hitting delivery have attracted national and international high performing audiences and clients including entrepreneurs, business leaders and sales experts, along with college and professional athletes.

Those benefitting from Deborah’s insights, her 37-plus years of performance expertise and her business know-how even include NFL players from: Baltimore Ravens; Green Bay Packers; Dallas Cowboys; Houston Texans; San Francisco 49ers; Cleveland Browns and more.

Practical and thought-provoking lessons are pulled from Deborah’s most recent book, Average Is An Addiction . . . From Mediocre to Millions! Having personally catapulted her career from a receptionist, with only a high school diploma, to becoming CEO/Owner of a $20 million commercial construction company, she challenges the reader, “Why would anyone settle for being average?”

Engaging and memorable for containing the right mix of learning, laughing and real-life practical results, attendees will be motivated to put simple, actionable and proven success steps into action immediately and reap the benefits in their business and their personal life.