You want to be a Software Engineer or a Stackoverflow Dev &WWDC, is it worth it?

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Do you want to be a Software Engineer or a Stackoverflow Developer (EN, All levels)

Coding is getting easier and easier these days, and with tools like StackOverflow, ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) and third party libraries for pretty much anything more complicated you don't really need advanced coding skills to write a mobile app any more. Therefore, OOP paradigms, coding standards and documentation are usually just ignored. But is taking shortcuts really worth it?

About the speaker:

Marian Goia ( is an independent iOS developer and Co founder at SenseWave. He has been developing iOS apps for just over 4 years and will be talking about the short and long term benefits of putting in that extra 10% to write better code. This talk will be based on nothing more but his own personal experience.


WWDC, is it worth it?

Will be talking about what got him into this whole iOS shindig, what it means for him and what keeps him excited. It will be an open talk that surrounds this year’s “Dub Dub” DC.

About the speaker:

Mihai Alexandru Bold - OS geek for more than 4 years, currently working at SF AppWorks, cofounded Appselent.



18:00 - 18:15 - Arrival time. Come in, get a ticket and your name tag. Have some snacks, pour yourself a cup of coffee/tea and meet us!

18:15 - 19:00 - Do you want to be a Software Engineer or a Stack-overflow Developer (EN, All levels)

19:00 - 19:15 - Let's take a break, enjoy some refreshments and network some more!

19:15 - 20:00 - WWDC, is it worth it? (EN, All levels)


Why attend?

 To learn about what others are doing;

 To ask questions;

 To network;

 To relax and chat;

 To speak about your products and services;

 To build or to retain old connections;


Attendance fee - 25 ron


Registration here on Meetup is mandatory for this event!