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ALL intimate human relationships follow a natural trust building patterns, and business relationships are no different. If you are in the dating scene, you wouldn't walk into the bar and ask people to marry you, that would be weird. Right? But everyday clients I help are are doing this and it needs to be addressed! Join the group if you don't want to build meaningful relationships with your customers who trust and buy from you.

If your business relies on creating new or maintaining current human relationships, online or offline, you should join.

Are you a small restaurant owner, dentist, chiropractor, physical trainer or in real estate? You should have a clicked "join group" button by now.

You have a business that is hungry for more leads. If you are wanting to know how do you get them into the door and keep them wanting more? Then you should join.

If you are just starting your business and haven't made your first sales yet, you should join!

If you speak English or want to practice your English then this is not the focus on the meetup but I will be speaking LOTS of English so if you want to get more practice in AND want to learn about creating intimate human to business relationships then you can also join.

If you are just looking for something more to read about, I'm sorry I ran out of things to say. Either join or leave it's up to you :)

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