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Are you passionate about creating/being part of a Startup? Are you tired of using your time and talent working for others? Do you dream with being part of a team that creates the next big thing? And most important of all, are you ready to leave the security of a fixed stable income and commit to the risk (and thrill) of being an entrepreneur? If the answer is YES, you are prime co-founder material and this might just be the right Meetup group for you! (If you are just looking for clients, please don't join.)

As you might know, creating a successful Startup as a solo founder is not easy, not only because there's only that much that 1 person can do or be good at, but also because most investors prefer founding teams with balanced skill sets. Unfortunately, not everyone has friends that happen to have the right skill set, share your business vision and are ready to jump into the entrepreneurship arena.... Trust me, I know! So the aim of this group is to offer more chances for the right people to meet each other, share their strengths/ideas/dreams and hopefully find the right founding partners (while making new friends!)

I have spent the last 12 years in Hong Kong and most of those years I have been part of the Startup community, and one of the things that bothers me the most is how inefficient networking in Startup events is. I don't want this for this Meetup and that's why I am going to implement a few strategies to increase the odds of an event being productive for those who join:

1) When you join this Meetup you MUST answer a few questions about yourself. The answers will be visible to all, and it's a way for all group members to pre-screen potentially good co-founder matches, even before joining an event.

2) At an event we will use tags, add your name and a brief description of what you do. (I will bring the tags)

3) Events will be the right size (hopefully not too small - that depends on you! - so we can have a good mix of backgrounds, but not too big either so it becomes impossible to meaningfully interact with a majority of the attendees).

4) Events will begin with a short intro round. If you have an idea, give a quick intro (1 minute tops), if not, tell us about your background, hobbies, etc (1 minute tops). If you show up late, you will have to do it one by one :)

5) I will always try for all events to be Free (no drinks included). If we grow to a significant stable size I will try to partner with a co-working space.

Well, that's about it, hope to see you around, and looking forward to meet you all!

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