What we're about

It started with the question:
how can people transcend their day-to-day reality, away from the small talk and mass-mindedness, into a more enlightened state of being?

Our salons at a glance:
we curate unique experiences - meet interesting people, access thought provoking ideas and explore beautiful living spaces around London.

Aim of the (Vivio) game:
to foster free conversation and fair listening around important questions shaping our society, culture and politics.

Casual, drop-in salons:
we are open for anyone with a curious mind. Each event aims to host up to 12 people. We don't require any regular commitment and are donation dependant, based on what you can afford.

We aim to become an important source of conversational value for our community members. So what does being a member at Co-Vivio mean?
- Regular conversations and storytelling events around issues shaping our day-to-day reality
- Opportunity to meet new and interesting people who are open and curious
- Exclusive access to beautiful living and dining spaces across London
- An invitation to join an early focus group, with option for each member to host, content curate and offer feedback, to help elevate our future community experience

Past events (2)

An Evening Of Meditation, Food And Conversation

Notting Hill

What is Love? (baby don't hurt me)

Notting Hill

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