What we're about

CoCreateX strives to improve the climate for innovation by connecting people and providing you access to valuable resources. Our adventure began with a community of people who had a desire to share resources and connections in order to turn our ideas into products, our inventions into businesses, and our passions into reality. As a group we are aggregating resources across America including workshops, lab spaces, a network of connections in a variety of industries all with a passionate team available to help you. We are setting up a community in LA and Orange County. We have spent the last few years working in the 3D printing industry as application engineers. We are very good at designing products and helping others invent and complete their projects. We would love to help you and share with you some of the unique resources we have and hear about the resources you can refer to us. To tap the power of our online community, you can join our Facebook group and let us know how we can help!

It is all free. We simply ask that you help each other and say thanks! https://www.facebook.com/groups/CoCreateX/

Also join us on our website and refer us to your friends across America