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CoCreateX TwinCities Open House | Startup Week CoCreateX Event Preparations
CoCreateX's is a weekly gathering of innovators, makers, students, professionals, entrepreneurs,inventors and other inspirational folks. We host an Open House for people who will bring new projects to share with us. We will answer questions that you need help with to assist you in developing your innovative concept. Come to learn what others in the Twin Cities are creating. First timers attending the Open House, will want to check out our laser cutter, large-format printer, CNC mill, 3D printer, welding shop, video recording studio, and other maker space tools that you can use in the house for free. We often feature local creators of different types who give feature presentations and demos - inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners, investors, and even artists fill out the list. Join us for inspiring discussions and connections with passionate creators in your community who want to help you. 1st TIME CoCreateX IS IN STARTUP WEEK TwinCitiesStartup Week is October 7th to 14th and features 200 unique events and presentations from companies and aspiring entrepreneurs who have created their own business from their own ideas and brainstorms. You can present your ideas at the CoCreateX Maker Space House during Startup Week as we will be using our bus to shuttle people to and from the house during Startup Week. So please come and share your concepts and projects so we can help you cocreate you business into a very successful venture. We will receive all introductions every Sunday until Startup week SCHOOLS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND CoCreateX also hosts events for students and schools that are working on Innovation Projects and we will bring our bus which is an innovation lab on wheels directly to your school. Please visit our website to see the testimonials and discover the CoCreateX Thank You concept how people are helping each other. You can also sign up for our Facebook CoCreatex Group and learn what we are doing around the USA and connect with our members.

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CoCreateX House

1137 N Burns Ave · Saint Paul, MN