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A Dubai based collective for coaches and potential coaches to connect, practice and have meaningful conversations around the transformational power of coaching on all levels and areas of life from personal to business to geo-politics. We can collectively make the world a more peaceful, productive place that sustains both people and planet.

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COVID Mental Health Crisis - FREE WEBINAR on CBT Solutions

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DISCOVER HOW CBT can provide effective therapy for anxiety, depression & stress

The COVID-19 restrictions have had a tremendous impact on individuals and families in all societies. Lockdowns and social isolation have led to the loss of millions of jobs and business failures. The social and economic effect of these unprecedented measures have included a huge increase in mental health problems, particularly anxiety and depression.

These trends are found in all countries which have conducted research and surveys. The U.S. Census Bureau’s first Household Pulse survey of 2021 found that anxiety rates are now 35.9% up from 6.1% before 2020.

Even prior to 2020, research has shown a steady increase in mental health problems with a greater incidence of increased incidence of depression, alcoholism, and drug overdose, particularly among young adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), unintentional injuries (i.e. drug overdoses), suicide, and liver disease (typically from alcoholism) are now the first, second, and sixth leading causes of death for people ages 15 to 44 years old in the USA, These types of death have been described as “deaths of despair”. Health workers have been particularly vulnerable during the crisis.

The challenges of the past two years have highlighted the inadequacies of the health care system in many countries. What was already a serious concern has now become a major public health crisis.

So, more than ever, we need mental health solutions that are evidence based, lasting and affordable. CBT is now the “go-to” form of therapy recommended by medical professionals, health insurance providers because of its common-sense, structured and practical approach, with well over 400 research trials demonstrating its effectiveness and high success rates.

Find out more in this introductory webinar with Dr Leila Edwards, Principal of Transformations Institute and leader in the field of training and consultancy in applied positive psychology in the GCC region.

Participants who are practitioners in the caring and health professions will get the chance to register for the next UK-accredited Diploma in CBT to be held in February, with a generous discount on the standard rate. The CBT Diploma course includes the Psychology of Depression, Grieving & Loss.

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FREE ONLINE Webinar: Intro to CBT the 'go-to' form of therapy

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