What we're about

The CEO mission is to create an environment for entrepreneurs of all levels to connect with fellow business owners, discuss common ground, learn concepts and strategies vital to business ownership. When possible, we try to meet weekly to swap business cards, build relationships, discuss mutual associations, and learn financial and tax strategies which are vital to the success of our businesses. Big business, small business, or simply searching for a new business opportunity; our goal is to provide you TEAM support and resources necessary to help you create and take your business to the next level.

As Entrepreneurs, the daily struggles and isolation we often face as business owners seems daunting. As such, the road less traveled that we have chosen truly sets us apart from the typical W-2 employee. The purpose of CEO is to provide the support and assurance in knowing that we are all in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves. It only takes a one chance meeting with the right person to change the direction of our lives forever.

YouTube tutorials, message boards, self-help books, online courses…There are lots of ways to get information on your own. But nothing compares to the knowledge and experiences you get face-to-face. Together, we’ll share expertise, provide motivation & hold each other accountable to personal & professional goals.

We invite you to join CEO and enjoy the benefits of locking arms with like-minded individuals…Together Everyone Achieves More!

Our Motto: The more you Net-WORK, the more you grow Net-WORTH!

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