What we're about

This group is to share information, learn more about relevant survival topics like HAM radio, basic woodcraft, edible plants, food storage, alternative power. A Book club and meetings to discuss them. And ANYTHING else we want for the group.
Building AR type rifles is on my list for discussion, with a long list of problems encountered on the way.
Anyone, anywhere can join as I will be doing updates about what we are doing, things we are using and cross posting to and from my website so the group as a whole can learn. I will be encouraging everyone to post as well.

I intend this to be a group effort, anyone can organize a meeting, post it and do it. The limits the last group had didn't work out and fell apart with control being too centralized. Hands on will be my goal, and getting out and doing.

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HAM radio license class

Online event

FB live basic ham radio talk

Online event

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