What we're about

For people that enjoy vaping and playing board games.

We will either find vape friendly places to play board games, and once we get to know each other we could host at our homes

Since this is a vaping group, you MUST be over the age of 21 to join (as that is the law in MD as to how old you have to be to buy and use vape product's.)

Also of the 3 questions only the first is REQUIRED. you must be over 21 to join (I can not and will not let anyone under 21 join)

if you are a non vaper that wishes to join, welcome but be forewarned there will be vaping at these events.

if you don't play board games or enjoy them, why do you want to join as that other then vaping the main activity you are welcome to join but you might be bored.

If you both vape and enjoy board games, this is the group for you and Welcome I look forward to meeting you.

Upcoming events (1)

Let's try the first get together again

Place of Vapes, LLC

Let get together to play some board games and vape.

Setting it further in the future so people have more time to plan for it.

Please note due to the uncertainty of when things can open because of the Corona virus, I am pushing this back to May. Please be safe every one.

Again pushing this back to July as we are still in semi-shutdown mode. Will keep pushing it back till the mask mandate is over.

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Let's try the first get together again

Place of Vapes, LLC

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