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At the February CocoaHeads, Daniel Hall will introduce AppCode. Most iOS developers use Apple's Xcode, but it's not the only choice and-- for some jobs-- may not be the best one. Here's what Daniel will be covering:

AppCode is a modern and highly advanced coding environment for Objective-C. Built on a mature and sophisticated engine, AppCode analyzes, parses and understands your code on a level unmatched by any other tool. This is the basis for what the creators call "intention-based programming", which means that AppCode understands what you want to do, even if you mistyped it or left something out, and can suggest and automatically create the necessary missing code, or fix the incorrect code with a single keystroke.

The extremely intelligent code analysis engine also allows incredible features and conveniences such as:

• Code completion that understands current scope and object types and will suggest variables, classes and even macros that are applicable to the current context. Code completion also knows what categories exist for an object and will list methods from those categories, even if they are not imported in the current file.

• Extremely flexible navigation of usages, such as finding only places in the project where the value of specific property of a class is set. Finding usages even detects where methods are called indirectly, through performSelector:afterDelay:, etc.

• True refactoring, based not on textual find and replace, but on traversing call trees. This means that you can change a method signatures for a class and it will be updated seamlessly across all objects that call it throughout the project, and more.

I'll walk through and demonstrate how to use a number of AppCode's features and shortcuts that make coding your projects faster, more accurate, less bug prone, and more intuitive (as well as significantly less irritating). Feel free to download the demo version of the software from: and follow along with the presentation!