What we're about

This is a peer-to-peer reading group for learning and teaching each other the Coda Blockchain protocol. For our meetings, we read Coda white paper and also explore the ideas underpinning the fundamentals of the technology behind Coda protocol. The aim of this group is to understand the theory and also the coda protocol code and implementation. A topic or sub-component of the coda protocol/implementation will be selected and we will deep dive into it. This will be a peer to peer learning group and every participant will be encouraged to present ideas to others from their own learning and understanding of the sub-component. We pause after each section to allow for discussion and questions. At the end of each meeting we decide when we're meeting next. The more you present, the more you learn.

This technique that we use is modeled on the practices of the Stanford Bitcoin Club in early 2018 and a couple of other bitcoin and Rust reading groups organized by Casey.

The Coda Protocol Reading Group meets online via zoom. We also plan to meet in person every month or so to go over examples of Coda code together or review PR's and commit code as we get more comfortable with the coda implementation.

Upcoming events

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