Introduction to using AJAX and JSON in Javascript applications

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Code Immersives Presents
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630 9th Avenue · New York

How to find us

The Film Center Building is just north of the NE corner of 9th Avenue and 44th Street. Code Immersives is on the 9th Floor, Suite 901.

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What we'll do:
In this Meetup, we invite you to bring your laptop and code along, as you learn how to make a Single Page Application (SPA), using AJAX to load JSON data asynchronously into a Javascript application.
Our project will be be part 2 of the JS Slideshow project from our last Meetup,* where we learned how to create our HTML interface using pure Javascript (no Libraries or plugins required). You will learn how to load make an AJAX call to a JSON file.
Recommended: Download and install AMPPS (for Mac) or WAMP (for Windows) server your laptop, so that you can run the local server, which is required to run AJAX's HTTP Requests. Come a bit early if you would like -- 5:30 would be perfect -- and we can help you get set up your local server.

*Last Meetup was Thur Mar 15, see to download the assets. All images are hosted on the server, so you only need the HTML file. All CSS and JS code is in the one file.)