• Bell Labs Hackathon
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    600-700 Mountain Ave, New Providence, NJ 07974 · New Providence, NJ

  • Node.js API Workshop with IBM's StrongLoop
    We've invited Jordan Kasper (https://strongloop.com/strongblog/jordan-kasper-developer-evangelist/) from IBM's newly acquired StrongLoop (https://strongloop.com) to host a workshop on creating your own enterprise-grade API using Node.js (https://nodejs.org/en/). Since this workshop will be hands-on, we encourage everyone to bring their laptops, and be prepared to code. Please note... we are starting this event at 3pm, as opposed to afterwork. Lets face it, no one wants to code after 5/6pm. So why Node? Here's a cool Infographic (https://strongloop.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/final-node-infographic-3-18-15v1.pdf) Breaking it all down for you. Due to popular demand, after the workshop we'll be heading over to the Trap Rock Brewery (http://traprockrestaurant.net) for drinks and networking.


    600-700 Mountain Ave, New Providence, NJ 07974 · New Providence, NJ

  • API-First Development with a Dash of Swagger
    By developing the API layer first, you'll find that that having a solid foundation from the beginning will result in more efficient development cycles on the client/app side. Join us as we dive into API-first development. We'll show you how to properly expose and document a clean API around your business logic. This presentation can be applied to practically any programming language with RESTful capabilities. We will be discussing specs like Swagger and RAML, and how to rapidly define your API using them. What to Expect... 6:30 - 7:00 // Networking/Eats 7:00 - 7:15 // A Brief Introduction 7:15 - 8:15 // Main Presentation 8:15 - 8:30 // Wrap-up Welcome to Bell Labs This will be our first event here at Bell Labs. We are extremely excited to have them backing our events. I can't tell you how much of an honor it is for us to host our events in the same building where Unix and C++ were created. If you've never been to this campus, I highly suggest coming 15-20 minutes early and checking out their Technology Showcase in the main lobby.


    600-700 Mountain Ave · New Providence, NJ

  • Learn to Build IPhone app using Objective-C and XCode
    Beginning iOs- IPhone Development (1) Time: 1 pm - 5pm Location: Drew University, Madison NJ - Hall of Science Room# 244 http://www.drew.edu/map/#location/hos VISITOR PARKING: http://www.drew.edu/map/ (Please see note below - $20 person in advance to reserve a spot.) Learn to build IPhone apps using Apple's native development environment: XCode. The goal of this class is to teach you the core building blocks required to be able to program your own simple iOS apps. You'll leave this class having developed a simple working app on a simulator and the foundation you need to progress with iOs development using Objective-C. This workshop will be very hands-on and taught at a basic level to give you the confidence to start building apps and learn how. Overview: •Intro to Xcode •Intro to basic Objective-C •Intro to Interface Builder •Build Apps and learn by coding on the fly - fast and furious ========= I M P O R T A N T =========== Payment: Required in advance. $20 in order to reserve a seat- REFUNDS if event is cancelled. FREE: If you are a student. You must contact me at [masked] Please go to PAYPAL.COM and send payment to [masked] ========= Prerequsites, you must: =============== • Have a Mac running OS X Yosemite (the latest operating system - PLEASE) and the developer tool Xcode 6.3 ( https://developer.apple.com/xcode/downloads/ in Apple's Mac App Store). Install Documentation and all other tools that comes with Xcode. (There will be no time to do this in class as installation takes a while to complete) • Be familiar with using the Mac. • Have some programming experience Optional: Apple Developer License ($99) if you want to deploy on a device or in Itunes Apple store. (This is only required should you want to post to the Itunes store in the future after you have built and tested your app - no posting to the store will occur at this workshop) ================== Who are You? =============== Ideal Audience: Someone with Java, C++ or OOPS Better Audience : Web developers with PHP, .NET, ColdFusion, advanced Javascript etc Possible Audience: Programmed years back in 3GL – Fortran, COBOL etc. Challenged Audience: Never programmed, but wants to learn, is technically savvy, designers, networking etc. ===========================================

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  • Developer's Lounge - Angular
    We have 2 great presentations planned for this month. Both topics will involve how Angular is being used to build new frameworks for both web and mobile application development. We also teamed up with Raritan Valley Start Ups (http://www.meetup.com/relaxrv/) and Juniper Network's OpenLab (http://www.juniper.net/us/en/company/openlab/#tab-overview), who generously offered their space for this month's meeting. Agenda: 6:00 - 6:45 | Food/Drinks/Networking 6:45 - 7:25 | Intro to Mean.io 7:30 - 9:00 | Ionic Framework Developers encounter problems with speed, building good-looking UIs and a plethora of hardware differences that force them to go back to the land of native. AngularJS changed building apps for the web. Ionic changes building hybrid apps on mobile. Easy-to-use, beautiful and ready to perform, Ionic is an open source framework made for hybrid apps. In this talk, Mike Hartington introduces developing for mobile with AngularJS and how to supercharge it with Ionic. Mike is a front-end developer who has used Ionic since its alpha. As Ionic's developer advocate, Mike manages the Ionic Forum, serves as a resource to developers, and writes technical documentation. When he's not working, you can find him relaxing with a beer and guitar. Once you get the hang of front-end development, the shift to full-stack applications can be daunting. Mean.io is a great starting point for many front-end developers looking to make web apps linked to a mongoDB for real-time binding. Alex Romero has taken great effort to help people think the ‘Angular’ Way. He is a Ui/Ux Developer with javascript as his weapon of choice for most web projects. He has currently used angular to build a phonegap app, prototypes for native development, and single page applications. Joe Hewitt fights evil by moonlight and is a UX designer and frontend developer by daylight. He’s always interested in projects that let people interact with the world around them and technology in new ways. He uses Angular in his work with single page web apps and phonegap prototypes.

    Juniper Networks - OpenLab

    200 Somerset Corporate Boulevard - Suite 4001 · Bridgewater, NJ

  • Stacking the Deck - Cards are the future of digital media
    We would like to invite everyone to join us over our at Juniper Network's Open Lab on Sept. 24, for a great presentation from the creator of CardStack.io. We are not hosting this event, but we are helping promote it, so please use this link to RSVP to the Event - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stacking-the-deck-cards-are-the-future-of-digital-media-tickets-12984598283 - Chris Tse -Technologist, Designer, Entrepreneur, Composer (http://www.linkedin.com/in/christophertse) Creator of Cardstack will be the featured speaker discussing - Cardstack.io (http://cardstack.io/) are looking for designers and developers to join forces to imagine a future where cards move smoothly between different apps and websites to fit the user’s workflow. We want startup entrepreneurs and big company executives to rethink how business value is created when exchanging cards becomes the new business development channel. What to expect: 6:30pm– Networking, Pizza , OPEN- LAB Tours 7:15 pm– Introduction by Jerry Passione - General Manager, OpenLab 7:20pm-Startup Pitch One 7:25 pm- Startup Pitch Two 7:30 - Chris Tse and Q&A 8:30 - Support a local start up trying to franchise if things go well- Tequila Joe's Cantina (http://tequilajoescantina.com/) __________________________ Juniper Networks - Open Lab Juniper Networks (http://www.juniper.net/), the Silicon Valley firm whose expertise is in software-defined networking (SDN), launched OpenLab: The Junos Center for Innovation, on June 19, 2012, in Bridgewater. OpenLab is the place where you can join with Juniper engineers and technology specialists, and with your industry or academic peers, to learn about, work with, and push the boundaries of innovative SDN technology. Come to OpenLab to learn about the innovative network software technology and solutions that Juniper has to offer, and you will also be able and encouraged to take what you learn and engage in discussions of where it can go next. At OpenLab, you will have access to over 7,000 square feet of lab space, comprising a robust array of networking and software assets, and versatile collaboration and conference space, to explore, design, build, test or demonstrate new network integrated applications. And you can collaborate in an open environment with the Juniper team and attendees, whether you are a computer science student, a startup entrepreneur, a service provider network architect, or the CTO of a major corporation. Please use this link to RSVP to the Event - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stacking-the-deck-cards-are-the-future-of-digital-media-tickets-12984598283

    Juniper Networks - OpenLab

    200 Somerset Corporate Boulevard - Suite 4001 · Bridgewater, NJ

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  • Building Mobile Apps with Mashery APIs and Appery.io
    Greetings fellow Code Junkies, I hope everyone enjoyed the brief summer hiatus. To start things off, we landed a pair of a pretty solid presenters for our next event! Join Amit Jotwani (Mashery (http://www.mashery.com)), and Max Katz (Appery.io (http://appery.io)) to learn how to build to build mobile apps with Mashery APIs and the Appery.io (http://appery.io) cloud development platform. Amit will describe the Mashery API management platform (http://www.mashery.com/api-management). And Max will then build an HTML5/PhoneGap mobile app connected to Mashery-managed APIs, and show the available API plugins. We will then build/deploy the app. This is a live coding session where attendees will be able to test the app as it’s being built. Max Katz Max Katz heads Developer Relations for Appery.io, a cloud-based mobile app platform. He loves trying out new and cool REST APIs in mobile apps. Max is the author of two books “Practical RichFaces” (Apress 2008, 2011), and is a frequent speaker at developer conferences. You can find out what Max is up to on his Blog: http://maxkatz.org (http://maxkatz.org/) and Twitter: @maxkatz (https://twitter.com/maxkatz) Amit Jotwani Amit is a developer advocate/UI Designer at Mashery, driven by a constant urge to design and build awesome things for the web. A serial Startup Weekender (Washington DC, New York, Delhi), he is passionate about beautiful design, elegant code, and everything Apple. Before joining Mashery, Amit ran Random Loops, a small design studio, specializing in User Interface Design of Websites, iPhone and iPad applications. He is also the co-founder of http://rootein.com By day you can find him at his desk cooking up beautiful code. By night, he loves catching up on the re-runs of Seinfeld. Blog: http://www.ajot.me/blog/ and Twitter: @amit (https://twitter.com/amit)@amit Also, please keep an eye out for a few more announcements we'll be making over the next few weeks. We have some pretty big changes coming up soon.

    Eisenhower Corporate Campus

    290 West Mt Pleasant Ave · Livingston, NJ

  • Co-Founder Date Night, presented by Launch NJ
    ** This is a Launch NJ Event - PLEASE CLICK HERE TO RSVP (http://www.meetup.com/LaunchNJ-Entrepreneurial-Tech-Hub/events/185845892/) ** ** This event is a great opportunity if you are a developer looking to team up with a potential local startup** Co Founder Date Night is back!!! The last Date Night we had attracted over 100 people and was a huge success. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurial business people to find developers and for developers to find cool projects. The event will be held at Mondo Summit in downtown Summit NJ. This is a very cool spot which provides a great atmosphere for networking. The venue only holds 70 people so if your are interested make sure you sign up quickly. The cost is $5 dollars which includes pizza and soft drinks. Networking begins at 7 PM with participant introductions begin at 7:30. If you are a CTO looking for a great startup or an entrepreneur looking for a great CTO this an event you can't miss. Also, we are working on putting together Master Mind groups. This is when 10-12 startup founders meet on a monthly basis to discuss topics that are important to them and share resources. If you are interested in becoming a part of a master mind group please contact Jason Frasca at [masked]. Look forward to seeing those who can attend on the 17th. Best wishes, Carlos Abad (community organizer)

    MONDO Summit

    426 Springfield Avenue · Summit, NJ

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  • Google I/O Extended (GDG North Jersey Event)
    NOTE: This is a GDG North Jersey Event (http://www.meetup.com/GDG-North-Jersey/) You MUST sign up for this event through the website that is now live. http://nj.io-extended.com (http://nj.io-extended.com/) Space is limited so don't wait. We'd love to see all of our good friends at the event. Also note that After Party tickets are being sold separately. They are in more limited quantities than the main event, so definitely lock in very early if you wish to attend that event from 8:00pm - 11:00pm at a really cool old mansion in Montclair called "Adinkra House".

    Montclair State University (University Hall, 1st Floor)

    1 Normal Ave · Montclair, NJ

  • Appery.io Build Day
    ** NOTE: THE VENUE HAS CHANGED ** We will now be meeting at Drew University's Hall of Sciences on the 3rd floor. As a follow-up to our last workshop, I thought it would be a good idea to host an Appery.io build day. This is a chance for you to build that mobile app you've been putting off. Instead of having the whole group work on a single app, everyone will be working on their own personal app idea. We will have group leads/advisors on hand to assist you when you get stuck. For those of you not already familiar with appery.io, we'll be offering a 2-hour "Appery.io Bootcamp (http://www.meetup.com/North-Jersey-Code-Junkies/events/173461312/)" from 10am-noon, the day of. Please RSVP to that event separately, so we can plan accordingly. After a few hours of development, we will start demo'ing the apps to the group. You will need to bring your own laptop for this event.

    Drew University (Hall of Sciences, 3rd floor)

    36 Madison Ave · Madison, NJ