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We gather to build and work on open source software projects for organizations that really need this type of assistance but would never be able to afford it. Non-profits, civic organizations, and generally places trying to make the world better. At Code for Good the non-profits we work with have approached us to build them custom open source software and are able to provide a stakeholder while we built it. We believe working directing with non-profit stakeholders is instrumental and leads to better outcomes. This is because the team is able to see, meet, understand, and form meaningful relationships and connections with the stakeholders and non-profits they are helping. For the non-profits, they achieve better results as they are able to directly drive what is being built so the final application is tailored to their exact needs and is able to make the greatest impact on the amazing work they do.

How is Code for Good different from Code for America?

The main difference is that we help non-profits while Code for America does the important job of helping federal/state/local government work better! As a government employee I can attest that their work is extremely important and very much needed!

We do think helping shouldn’t be an either/or -- you should contribute to both our projects!

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