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Data Journalism Talk+Workshop: Paradise/Panama Papers, Gov Data & Twitter trolls
Hey Code for Philly! This is a joint meetup that we are co-hosting with our friends at the Philly GraphDB Meetup group related to the exciting technology of graph databases, neo4j, and their application to investigative journalism and the Paradise Papers. Look forward to an expert talk and a workshop to follow. The original event posting can be found here: Meetup overview from the original posting: This is an exciting joint event which will include several meetup groups, local tech companies and data Journalism experts. Were excited to have guest speaker William Lyon from Neo4j ( . He’s a Developer Relations Engineer at Neo4j and has done incredible work with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJ) ( Working together with ICIJ, Will helped their group produce the well known Panama Papers ( and Paradise Papers ( After the expert talk, the PhillyGraphDB meetup group will be hosting a group workshop for open data enthusiasts and people with a interest in civic minded investigative journalism. Joining forces with the Data Philly Meetup group ( & Code For Philly meetup group ( there will be many experts to help you investigate data using Neo4j. Expert Talk: In this Meetup Will Lyon will cover a broad range of topics including Paradise/Panama Papers, US Congressional Data, Campaign Finances and Russian Twitter Trolls. Will also runs Neo4j’s Data Journalism Accelerator program ( that he’ll talk more about during this meetup. After the talk we’ll do a brief Q&A, followed by a live workshop to demonstrate some of the use cases where Neo4j excels. Group Workshop: The workshop will allow participants to break off into groups around provided datasets or allow groups to choose their own data to explore. We'll give a brief demo on how to upload CSV data in neo4j's sandbox ( and how to start making your first queries with Cypher to explore your data sets. When groups have had enough time exploring their data, there will be an opportunity to discuss their process, and present any findings! Meetup Details: Laptops are encouraged but not necessary for this meetup. Food and drinks will be provided during this meetup event, courtesy of our sponsors. Come, hang out, learn something new and have fun playing around with all the amazing things you can do with Graph Databases & the Neo4j Technology.

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