Hands-On CI/CD for Microservices and Using Jenkins for Automation -- Workshop

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Welcome to Hands-On CI/CD for Microservices and Using Jenkins for Automation - Workshop!


CI/CD stands for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
In short it lays out some practices to follow in order for the code you write to more quickly and safely get to your users and ultimately generate value.

We will go through microservices architecture and how companies are migrating towards it from monolith.

For the hands-on workshop, we will create a Jenkins job to automate manual development and devops operations (like Log checking automatically from thousands of files).

With Jenkins you can :

- Run automatic code quality scans on it and generate a report of how well your latest changes adhere to good coding practices

- Build the code and run any automated tests that you might have written to make sure your changes didn’t break any functionality

- Generate and publish a test coverage report to get an idea of how thorough your automated tests are


Beginner-level shell script knowledge will help
Junior Engineers who want to expand their knowledge in automation and using CI/CD for devops


19:00 Doors Open (please do not arrive earlier, thank you!)
19:30 Introductions
19:35 Talk + Workshop
21:00 Networking
22:00 End


Shirley is an full stack engineer at Rakuten. She has been working as a Java developer and has experience with large scale projects and end to end engineering. She has also worked as a devops engineer and is passionate about improving software practices using CI/CD.

She holds a computer engineering degree from Pune Institute of computer technology and has delivered a talk at Facebook Developer Circle in Tokyo.


Please bring your laptop, and download Jenkins: https://jenkins.io/



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