ONLINE: Desk Fitness - Basics of Office Ergonomics - with Club 360

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Code Chrysalis - Developer Workshops & Events for Tokyo
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Due COVID-19, this event will be organized remotely through Zoom.
We will share the access link later.


Welcome to learn about desk fitness!
Code Chrysalis is collaborating together with Club 360 for this event.

Club 360 instructors will be covering the basic principles of ergonomics, basic concepts around pain and injury, discussing general health and wellbeing, and providing practical interventions to help you decrease day-to-day aches and pains, increase lifespan and improve work productivity.

All you need to have is an open mind and willingness to learn!
This workshop is targeted for anyone interested in the topic.


19:25 - Access available!

19:30 - Intro

19:35 - Session start

21:00 - END


About Club 360

Club 360 is a multidisciplinary team of health and fitness professionals dedicated to providing an integrated service tailored to our client’s goals and needs.
Every treatment, exercise, diet or lifestyle intervention will be evidence-based and driven by multi-faceted assessments and appropriate re-assessments.


About Code Chrysalis

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Code Chrysalis Notice Regarding the Coronavirus


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