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CI/CD Pipelines & Docker Cluster Management
CI/CD Pipelines & Docker Clusters Management. In the last couple of years, we moved our Microservice architecture operation to docker and then to Docker Swarm. We have built some basic CI/CD pipelines to support our business needs. These two talks are about this journey which is still ongoing. We have learned the importance of a stable CI/CD pipeline and how to handle the cluster management system. Agenda: 18:00 - Gathering 18:30 - 19:25 - "The real-life pains of Docker Swarm and our roadmap to Kubernetes" - Daniel Bar 19:25 - 19:30 - Break 19:30 - 20:25 - "Escaping the Jungle or The Vision of a Unified CI/CD Pipeline" - Anton Weiss Talks: Escaping the Jungle or The Vision of a Unified CI/CD Pipeline -Anton Weiss What do you do when you have dozens of revenue-generating services built on a multitude of technologies? How do you ensure the rapid pace of change without disappointing your users and not going crazy along the way? You need a strong CI/CD backbone that will take your code to production in a streamlined, observable and secure manner. Sounds easy! Almost like building the Tel Aviv Light Rail! In this talk we'll present the vision for building such a backbone at Natural Intelligence and describe our progress up until now. The real-life pains of Docker Swarm and our roadmap to Kubernetes - Daniel Bar Today our polyglot microservices are running over Docker Swarm clusters on multiple regions in AWS. Tomorrow, we are moving our services into Kubernetes. We are going to discuss what we learned building, stabilizing swarm. and why after almost two years using swarm we decided to move to K8s. And how we plan to handle features as canary releases, ingress control, cross-region/platform over K8s clusters all in AWS cloud. About the speakers: Anton Weiss is the founder at, software delivery optimization expert, internationally acclaimed speaker and technical trainer. Chaos monkey is his favorite pet animal. Daniel Bar leads the DevOps team at Natural Intelligence

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    Natural Intelligence is a world leader in the fast growing comparison sites arena, with unique technologies that give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    Natural Intelligence’s R&D team philosophy is to solve problems using the right tools for the problem and do our best to keep on learning and improving. So we use Agile methodologies, polyglot programming, MicroServices architecture and rely heavily on the cloud. We use languages as Javascript (Client and Node.js), Scala, Java, Ruby and use store technologies such as MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Cassandra, RedShift.

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