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Are you interested in creating websites and web applications? CodePen Cincinnati is a group of web designers and developers that get together every month to talk shop, meet new friends, and learn new things about the web.

CodePen is a web-based tool that many designers and developers use to learn new technologies, prototype new ideas, and share their work with the world. It focuses on the front-end languages (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) and has become an incredible place for people learning to code. Using it is NOT a requirement for attending our events. But, we would love to see you all building incredible things on there and coming to the meetups to share!

Everyone is welcome here. We host people who having been programming for decades and also those who have yet to write their first line of code. A typical meetup includes an ample amount of time to socialize, time to share what members have been working on, and longer presentations that go deeper into a selected topic. In the past, we've discussed a wide range of topics including: CSS Layouts, Web accessibility, the JAMstack, JavaScript frameworks, and more.

Please follow us on Twitter at @CodePenCIN and use the hashtag, #CodePenCIN!

To see slides from previous events, check out this collection on CodePen: https://codepen.io/collection/AZyZMQ/#

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